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Valerian Celebrates Our 23rd Year in Business!

A sincere "Thank You" to all of our clients and various project team members. We couldn't have done it without you!
-- Susan

Valerian is a full-service WBE/SBE/DBE firm that has been recognized for utilization of sustainable principals and Best Management Practices on our open space and urban projects. We strive to design interesting and sustainable landscapes that encourage people to interact with their physical environment. At Valerian, we are committed to creating meaningful connections, both physical and intellectual, between people and their communities. Well designed sustainable landscapes are those that grow and thrive in the environment in which they were intended, and where the natural and social suspects of the space are strongly integrated.

Landscape Architecture

Inspiring outdoor spaces are vital components of thriving communities and cities. We have developed special expertise in the design of parks and open spaces, recreation facilities, plazas, campuses, residential and commercial developments, and environmentally restored landscapes. Valerian draws on the site’s history and context to create a memorable and engaging outdoor experience that becomes part of daily living. We collaborate with educational outreach organizations, scientists, architects, and others to design county campgrounds, private outdoor education facilities, as well as nature preserves in rural settings or within the urban fabric. These projects encourage children and adults to appreciate the natural world.

Master Planning

One of the mainstays of Valerian’s professional practice has been our master planning capabilities for designing places to live, work, and play. Our proven planning process enables us to formulate the client’s program and the existing site conditions into a workable, implementable solution that is successful in the marketplace. Valerian has master planned projects large and small, from individual landowners to mixed-use projects. From commercial, residential, parks and recreation areas to downtown urban design projects, Valerian is a team player creating distinctive environments for people.

Urban Design

Valerian strives to develop towns and cities in a way that increases the quality of life for residents by enhancing the aesthetic qualities of the community and bringing about economic vitality. This is based on the belief that good urban design will intrinsically add value, instill price, and enhance a sense of community. The American downtown is where we gather to interact, celebrate, watch, protest, and remember. The purpose of good urban design is to bring economic viability back to these areas; working within the context of what exists and providing value, character, and an identify for the community and create a sense of place.

Community Outreach

The key factor of any public project is public awareness. Valerian regularly, at the client’s request, conducts design charettes to involve the public in as many stages of the design process as possible to ensure that community desires are addressed and that solutions are grounded in their everyday needs. A great deal of the park planning and development work that Valerian has produced has come in the form of public projects. As such, we are aware of the importance of public outreach and consensus building, as well as budgetary, and any maintenance requirements that are at stake when undertaking a public project – of any size. Community awareness and project needs will constantly vary but Valerian has always been able to adapt to each individual situation.